Our community Market by the sea shore

Waves and adventures start and end, times of tales of legend are true, paths begin and the trail extends. Come and join us for an epic memory for you, your family and friends with the things that you will find….

Our venders are local and fresh!

A collection of new, custom, handmade and eclectic put together for your taste and finds. Come join our growing local vendor community.

Taking things to another Level

Embark on content of things happening and going on in the area.

Connecting us

Communication is key and this market gets the word out!

Dings and Whistles

This system is devised to meet your reminder needs. In this day and age it’s hard to keep up let alone keep on track. Lets fix that.


Advertising needs…. Coming soon

Project Management

An Intuitive and creative pleasure.

Architectural Solutions

Classes and courses… Coming soon!

Putting it on

These events take a lot of time and energy to put on, we are dedicated to the pleasure of your ability to have access to the things local and fresh. These hand selected vendors are the heart of what we are gathering for.

If your not having fun, lets make it!

Hand Crafted

  • Made with local in mind
  • Ocean view
  • Experience the hiddens gems

Fresh and grown on island

  • A world of thought-provoking articles.
  • Taking the market by storm!
  • Sells out quick!

“Kaua’i is the heartbeat of the Hawaiian spirit, where nature and community flourish together.”


The essence of Kauai as a place where the natural environment and community are deeply interconnected

Watch, Read, Listen!


Stay in the loop with everything you need to know.